Bonano, E. J., G. E. Apostolakis "Application of risk assessment and decision analysis to the evaluation, ranking and selection of environmental remediation alternatives." Journal of Hazardous Materials 71 (2000): 35-57.

A single framework integrating risk assessment and decision analysis methods for evaluating, ranking and selecting preferred remediation alternatives at a contaminated site was developed and demonstrated. The methodology used relies on stakeholder inputs throughout the entire process and employs those inputs to combine the results of multiple risk assessments to arrive at a total impact for each remediation alternative. The total impact values allow the ranking of the alternatives, which in turn, serves as the basis for deliberations among the stakeholders in order to identify the preferred alternative. Six major risk or impact categories were considered in the evaluation of the alternatives: human health and safety, environmental protection, life cycle cost, socio-economics, cultural, archeological and historical resources, and programmatic assumptions.