Greenberg M, Burger J, Powers C, Leschine T, Lowrie K, Friedlander B, Faustman E, Griffith W, and Kosson D. "Choosing remediation and waste management options at hazardous and radioactive waste sites," Remediation. Winter, (2002a ):39-58.

This article discusses a process for finding insights that will allow federal agencies and environmental professionals to more effectively manage contaminated sites. The process is built around what Etzioni (1968) called mixed-scanning, that is, perpetually doing both comprehensive and detailed analyses and periodically re-scanning for new circumstances that change the decision-making environment. The article offers a checklist of 127 items, which is one part of the multiple-stage scanning process. The checklist includes questions about technology; public, worker, and ecological health; economic cost and benefits; social impacts; and legal issues. While developed for a DOE high-level radioactive waste application, the decision-making framework and specific questions can be used for other large-scale remediation and management projects.