Kosson, D.S., H.A. vander Sloot, F. Sanchez and A.C. Garrabrants. "An integrated Framework for Evaluating Leaching in Waste Management and Utilization of Secondary Materials." Environmental Engineering Science 19, no. 3: (2002): 159-204.

A framework for the evaluation of constituent leaching from wastes and secondary materials is presented. The framework is based on the measurement of intrinsic leaching properties of the material and use of mathematical modeling to extrapolate from laboratory testing to estimates of release under field management scenarios. Site specific and default scenarios are considered, which may be selected based on the evaluation context. A tiered approach is provided to allow the end-user to balance between the specificity of the release estimate, the amount of testing knowledge required, a priori knowledge, and resources required to complete an evaluation. Detailed test methodologies are provided for a suite of laboratory leaching tests.