Biological and Geophysical Aspects of Potential Radionuclide Exposure in the Amchitka Marine Environment

August 1, 2005

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Appendix 1. Introduction

1.A. Genesis of Plan

1. Governor Knowles Letter July 12, 2000,
Secretary Bill Richardson Letter September 26, 2000
3. Letter of Intent 2002 (State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Energy)
4. Amchitka Island Long-Term Stewardship Workshop Agenda February 12-14, 2002

1.B. Letters of Approval of Science Plan

1. Department of Energy EM
2. Department of Energy NNSA
3. State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation
4. Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association, Inc.
5. US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

1.C. Amchitka Independent Assessment Science Plan, June 2003.
1.D. Review of the Amchitka Independent Assessment Science Plan by the
CRESP Peer Review Committee
1.E.Science, Policy, and Stakeholders: Developing a Consensus Science Plan for Amchitka Island, Aleutians, Alaska by J. Burger, M.Gochfeld, K. Kosson, C. W. Powers, J. Eichelberger, D. Barnes, L. K. Duffy, S. C. Jewett, and C. D. Volz.
1.F. The Implementation of the Amchitka Independent Assessment Science Plan, Meeting of the Interagency Amchitka Policy Group, Anchorage Alaska, March 3, 2005 by C.W. Powers.

2. Background on Amchitka

2.A. A Review of Radionuclides in the Marine Environment by B. Friedlander, J. Burger and M. Gochfeld.

3. Conceptual Model for Amchitka Science Assessment

3.A. Conceptual Site Models as a Tool in Evaluating Ecological Health: The Case of the Department of Energy's Amchitka Island Nuclear Test Site by J. Burger, H. J. Mayer, M. Greenberg, C. W. Powers, C. D. Volz, and M. Gochfeld.

4. Mounting an Expedition

4.A. Time Table for overall process for CRESP Amchitka by C.W. Powers
4.B. CRESP Amchitka Expedition Summary by C.W. Powers
4.C. List of Permits for Research on Amchitka and Kiska Islands
4.D. CRESP Amchitka Project Health and Safety Plan, June 8, 2004 by M. Gochfeld, B. Friedlander and S. Jewett
4.E. Developing a health and safety plan for hazardous field work in remote areas by M. Gochfeld, D. Volz, S. Jewett, J. Burger, C.W. Powers and B. Friedlander
4.F. Personnel Radiation Dosimetry: Amchitka Expedition Phase I and II by D. Volz
4.G. CRESP Amchitka Expedition Radiation Survey Monitoring Report by C. Volz
4.H. Use of a Web-based Communication for Mounting an Expedition and the Amchitka Independent Assessment Plan by L. Bliss, J. Burger, C.W. Powers, V. Vyas, and M. Gochfeld

5. Geophysical Investigations I - Oceanographic Investigations of Bathymetry, Ocean Floor Discharge of Freshwater through the Ocean Floor and Sediment Distribution

5.A. Summary of bathymetry and side-scan sonar data for Amchitka by M. Johnson and C. Stewart

6. Geophysical Investigations II - Magnetotelluric measurements for determining the subsurface salinity and porosity structure of Amchitka Island, Alaska

6.A. Magnetotelluric measurements for determining the subsurface salinity and porosity structure of Amchitka Island, Alaska by M. Unsworth, W. Soyer, and V. Tuncer

7. Groundwater Modelling in the Vicinity of the Long Shot Test Shot

7.A. Characterization of Amchitka Island Subsurface: Groundwater Modeling in the Vicinity of the Long Shot by A. Forsstrom and D. Barnes

8. Characterization of the Biological Expedition and Sample Preparation Phase

8.A. Report of the Stakeholder Meetings with Aleuts by J. Burger
8.B. Presentation to the Aleut Adak community, June 2004 by C.W. Powers
8.C. Biological Implementation Plan by J. Burger and S. Jewett
8.D. Specimen Handling and Quality Assurance for Rutgers Sample Preparation Phase of the Amchitka Science Plan by J. Burger
8.E. Quality Assurance Manual for Vanderbilt Sample Analysis Program in the Amchitka Independent Assessment by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt University
8.F. INL Method Manual and Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Amchitka Environmental Sample Analysis by INL Department of Chemistry
8.G. Amchitka Independence Science Plan: Radiation Anti-cross Contamination Quality Control and Assurance Report by C. Volz
8. H. Data Management Implementation Plan by V. Vyas
8.I Data Management for the CRESP Amchitka Project by V. Vyas, Y. Mun and L. Bliss

9. Selecting Species and Radionuclides for Assessment

9.A. Amchitka Expedition Update: Initial Specimen Screening and Future Laboratory Testing C.W. Powers, Report Coordinated and Edited by H. Mayer
9.B. Selection of Samples for Human Health Screen by J. Burger
9.C. Broad Gamma Analysis of Food Chain Organisms by J. Burger
9.D. Adaptive Analysis Strategy for Radionuclide Analysis by J. Burger

10. Biological Collections from the Marine Ecosystem

10.A. List of species collected in June and July 2004 on the CRESP Expedition by J. Burger
10.B. Locations for Collection of Biota by J. Burger, V. Vyas, and Y. Mun
10.C. SCUBA techniques used in risk assessment of possible nuclear leakage around Amchitka Island, Alaska by S. Jewett, M. Hoberg, H. Chenelot, S. Harper, J. Burger and M. Gochfeld
10.D. Report of the NOAA Bottom Trawl Survey of the Aleutian Islands by J. Weston and J. Burger
10.E. Can biota sampling for environmental monitoring be used to characterize benthic communities in the Aleutians? by J. Burger, S. Jewett, M. Gochfeld, M. Hoberg, S. Harper, H. Chenelot, C. Jeitner, and S. Burke
10.F. Do Scientists and Fishermen Collect the Same Size Fish?: Implications for Risk Assessment by J. Burger, M. Gochfeld, S. Burke, C. W. Jeitner, S. Jewett, D. Snigaroff, R. Snigaroff, T. Stamm, S. Harper, M. Hoberg, H. Chenelot, R. Patrick, C.D. Volz, and J. Weston

11. Radionuclides in Marine Biota

11.A. Preparation and Analysis Phase: Anti-cross Contamination Quality Control and Assurance Report by C. Volz
11.B. Relationship between Reported Values and Minimum Detectable Activities by Trophic Level by V. Vyas and Y. Mun
11.C. Additional Comparative Levels of Radionuclides in Marine Biota by B.Friedlander, M.Gochfeld, J.Burger, V. Vyas, C.W. Powers
11.D. Statistical Analysis of Data Sets with Values below Detection Limits by M. Gochfeld, J. Burger and V. Vyas


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