Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry and Fuel Cycle Separations

July 19-21, 2011, Nevada Site Office, North Las Vegas, NV

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Presentation (Powerpoint)


Overview of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Its Chemistry Raymond L. Wymer, Vanderbilt University
Mining, Milling, Conversion, and Enrichment of Uranium Ores Lisa Loden, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Reactors, Fuels & Associated Subjects – Part 1 Allen Croff, ORNL, ret., and USNRC
Reactors, Fuels & Associated Subjects – Part 2 Allen Croff, ORNL, ret., and USNRC
Reactors, Fuels & Associated Subjects – Part 3 Allen Croff, ORNL, ret., and USNRC
Used Fuel Reprocessing Robert T. Jubin, Savannah River National Laboratory
Liquid‐Liquid Extraction Equipment Jack D. Law, Idaho National Laboratory
Non‐Aqueous Processes K. Michael Goff, Idaho National Laboratory
Complexation Chemistry and Precipitation / Crystallization Processes Gordon Jarvinen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear Fuel Recycling Systems David DePaoli, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Management of Nuclear Waste Steven L. Krahn, Vanderbilt University
Waste Forms for an Advanced Fuel Cycle John D. Vienna, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Geological Repositories Michael D. Voegele, Consultant
Nuclear Radiation & Radiation Damage to Materials Kristine E. Zeigler, Savannah River National Laboratory
Nuclear Nonproliferation Cynthia Atkins‐Duffin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Transportation of Radioactive Materials Matthew Feldman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Quantifying the Risk of Nuclear Fuel Recycling Facilities B. John Garrick, U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Chairman
Environmental Performance Assessment James H. Clarke, Vanderbilt University
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