Amchitka Plan Summary

CRESP Amchitka Implementation Plan Summary

by Charles W. Powers, CRESP II PI

In the documents found on this page of the CRESP website, the reader will find an extensive discussion of how CRESP II plans to implement its Amchitka Scientific Assessment Plan (June 24, 2003) with a series of activities that begin in the field (June 12 – August 8, 2004) and, with data analysis and synthesis, are planned to be completed by late Spring 2005. When completed this work is intended to help determine:

  1. whether there is any current threat to human healthand the environment from leakage into the Island’s sea waters from nuclear tests shots at Amchitka; and
  2. a baseline of biological, physical and other data that should aid in the reduction of uncertainty and the development of a long-term stewardship plan (likely including subsequent monitoring against the baseline) now scheduled for completion during FY2005.

Implementation Plan Documents

Section I. The Expedition

How CRESP plans to collect diverse types of data between mid-June and the first week of August in two separate expedition elements.

Section IA. Gathering the Physical Data

Physical Environment Statement of Work and Research Plan View Plan

Section IB. Sampling of Biota at Amchitka and Kiska Reference Site

Biological Implementation Plan View Plan

Section II. Radionuclide Analysis and Data Management

How we are moving forward to define precisely how we will process and analyze data from those 2 basic expedition elements and what we can currently say about how we anticipate synthesizing those data sources. It also describes the data management program being implemented by CRESP, one that is designed to achieve effective QA/QC of all data analyzed in this project

Radionuclide Analysis of Samples obtained from Amchitka and Kiska (Reference Site) Plan View Plan

Data Management Implementation Plan View Plan

Section III. Health and Safety Plan

CRESP Amchitka Project, Health and Safety Plan 6-8-04 View Plan

Scientific Diving Safety Manual View Manual

B&N Fisheries Company Safety Manual View Manual

Ocean Explorer: Safety Equipment, Vessel Hazards and Orientation View Manual

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