Remediation, Near Surface Disposal & Long-term Stewardship

CRESP assesses, recommends and develops approaches aimed at improving the evaluation, effectiveness and efficiency of remediation and risk mitigation techniques for contaminated environmental resources. This includes soils, ground water, surface water, sediments and biota as well as isolation of residual contamination during and after remediation and near surface waste disposal.

Project activities range from:

  • Improving methods for characterizing contaminated environmental media
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of remediation processes and near surface disposal systems
  • Reducing uncertainty in contaminant environmental fate and transport
  • Developing improved treatment processes

The Consortium also evaluates and develops approaches for more efficient and effective methods for regulatory compliance, natural resource damage assessment, end-state definition and risk communication associated with remediation and potential future use of resources.

Highlighted Projects

DOE Landfill Partnership

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