Stakeholder Engagement & Communication

CRESP assesses, recommends and demonstrates approaches to encourage the involvement of a diverse group of stakeholders to help shape decisions focused on achieving technically sound nuclear waste management. Project activities include:

  • Conducting focus groups and surveys;
  • Developing communication tools and educational materials; and
  • Carrying out case and organizational studies’

Lead Researchers

Joanna Burger, Rutgers University
Michael Gochfeld, Rutgers University
Karen Lowrie, Rutgers University
Michael Greenberg, Rutgers University
Hank Mayer, Rutgers University
Jennifer Salisbury, Vanderbilt University

EM Sites Impacted

  • Hanford: Richland Operations Office and Office of River Protection
  • EM Complex-wide

Current Project Area

Measuring and Communicating Environmental Remediation Accomplishments

To increase the clarity and visibility of information about accomplishments in remediation by examining the metrics currently developed and communicated by the DOE, EPA, and states regarding remediation, by examining these for consistency and comprehensibility, and then pilot testing an agreed upon set of metrics compared to existing ones.

Recent Project Outcomes/Results

Initial study conducted and report prepared on the website metrics used and communicated by DOE-EM (Headquarters) and its Hanford, Oak Ridge and Savannah River Sites, EPA Headquarters and its Region 4 and 10 offices, and the relevant environmental regulatory oversight agencies in the states of Washington, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.

EM Sites Impacted

  • EM Complex-wide
  • Savannah River

All Publications: Stakeholder Engagement & Communication, 2006-2019 (pdf)

Highlighted Publications & Reports

CRESP Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Mayer, H, Greenberg, M & Lowrie, K 2019, DOE-EM Mission, Metrics and Communications: Initial CRESP Report, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Burger, J, Gochfeld, M, Kosson, DS, Brown, KG, Bliss, LS, Bunn, A, Clarke, JH, Mayer, HJ & Salisbury, JA 2019, ‘The costs of delaying remediation on human, ecological, and eco-cultural resources: Considerations for the Department of Energy: A methodological framework’, Science of The Total Environment, vol. 649, pp. 1054-1064.

Thorpe, C, Mann, C, Fisher, A, Hand, R, Hyatt, N, Riley, B, Schweiger, M, Mayer, J, Arendt, C, Kruger, A, Kosson, D & Corkhill, C 2018, ‘Evaluation of Novel Leaching Assessment for Nuclear Waste Glasses – 18314’, WM’2018, WM Symposia, Phoenix, Arizona.

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Omnibus Risk Review Committee & Greenberg, M, Chair 2015, A Review of the Use of Risk-Informed Management in the Cleanup Program for Former Defense Nuclear Sites, prepared for US Snate Committee on Appropriations and the US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Vanderbilt Unviersity, Nashville TN.

Greenberg, M, Weiner, M, Mayer, H, Kosson, D & Powers, C 2014, ‘Sustainability as a Priority at Major U.S. Department of Energy’s Defense Sites: Surrounding Population Views’, Sustainability, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 2013-2030.

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