Waste Processing & Special Nuclear Materials

CRESP performs research, strategic assessment and reviews with the goal of developing tools and techniques that enhance the performance and safety of engineered and institutional features of:

  • Waste treatment
  • Containment
  • Tank waste closure
  • Storage and land disposal systems for disposition of radioactive waste, used nuclear fuel and special nuclear materials
  • Land disposal systems

Projects focus on the disposition of radioactive wastes, used nuclear fuel and special nuclear materials.

Highlighted Projects

Cementitious Barrier Partnership (CBP)

Center for Applied Separations Science & Engineering (CASSE)

LEAF – Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework

Lead Researchers

David Kosson, CRESP Principal Investigator, Vanderbilt University
Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University
Andrew C. Garrabrants, Vanderbilt University
Martha Grover, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kimberly L. Jones, Howard University
Steven L. Krahn, Vanderbilt University
Ronald W. Rousseau, Georgia Institute of Technology
Florence Sanchez, Vanderbilt University
Hans van der Sloot, Consultant

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