Nuclear Waste Management Policy & Strategy

CRESP develops and demonstrates the appropriate use of methodologies for advancing and communicating comparative life-cycle risk, benefit to human health and ecological resources and cost assessment for risk-informed selection of different environmental restoration and nuclear waste management options. To do this, the Consortium:

  • Evaluates and provides comparative insights, analysis and best practices at former defense nuclear production sites;
  • Examines siting choices by analyzing existing or evolving technologies needed for each type of nuclear waste management facility; and
  • Assesses the evolving technical approaches to future fuel cycles, emphasizing the external technical, environmental, economic, social and policy considerations associated with implementation of nuclear waste facilities.

Lead Researchers

Joanna Burger, Rutgers University
Michael Gochfeld, Rutgers University
Henry J. Mayer, Rutgers University
Jennifer Salisbury, Vanderbilt University
Jane B. Stewart, New York University
Richard B. Stewart, New York University

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