Risk Paradigm

The Framework for Risk Management developed by the Presidential Commission of Risk Assessment and Risk Management (1997) was modifed to become the Risk Paradigm Applied to Contaminated Sites.

We reviewed and discussed the attributes and intended purpose of the general framework of the risk decision-model (figure 1) developed by the Presidential/ Congressional Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management (PCC, 1997). That report (the full text is included in the attached CD) is considered an excellent introduction to a decision-making process using key risk concepts, many of which were described in an earlier milestone report by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council (NAS/NRC, 1983). While the Commission model was not written for specific application to risk-based end states and potential land use options, it did format a useful decision pathway from recognition to the control of risk. Thus, it furnishes a process foundation for many of the considerations that must be made in risk-based end state planning and implementation.

Outline of key articles to guide planning and implementation of risk-based end states

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